Nature abhors a vacuum

So he is called to lead

But he betrays their trust

And becomes a parasite

With Spartan body he mafias

Mutilating pyramid of triumph

No leverage can amend for

Result of newbie consents

With kleptomania fingers

Backed by cabals in town

They perforate the economy

Feigned John the Baptist of dev’t

Red card to the law book

And denies good interpretation

Condoned by endorsed juries

So, miasma of felons steams

He barricades ubiquitously

To extirpate his rivals in race

Backed by rookies in the palace

To secure his reign incessantly

No statesman recites a poem

Nor newsman write an article

The linesman raises no flag

So, all unethical games abide

The rubbish is uncollected

So the city is immersed in mess

Killing our immune systems

Our survival is in jeopardy

We can only wait for nature

For vacuity to ask for fill-in

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